Research + Development

MONOCAB OWL is supported by:

The "Project Roadmap

  • That was

    • German Mobility Award

      for the MONOCAB idea (LEL - Thorsten Försterling)

    • Project start MONOCAB OWL

      with the conception of the demonstrators

    • Design and development

      The assemblies are designed and the manufacturing is planned.

    • Test bench integration

      The assemblies are assembled and tested individually.

    • Test bench testing and vehicle integration

      The assemblies are combined step by step to form two MonoCab demonstators.

  • That will

    • Vehicle testing

      First on a test track in the assembly hall and then on the Extertalbahn line section

  • Working groups

    Learn more about the individual working groups of the project and their research results here.
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  • Organigram

    The organization chart provides you with an overview of all project managers.
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