WG Route and Testing

MONOCAB OWL is supported by:

WG Management

  • Thorsten Försterling

    Institute for Energy Research (iFE) Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences

The vbe group of companies supports the MONOCAB project, among other things, by providing the test track.


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the test track

Get a picture of the MONOCAB test track. This visualization offers you a bird's eye view. Use the mouse to navigate along the track. Zoom into the graphic. With the pressed left mouse button you can move the graphic, with the pressed right mouse button you change the inclination.


A virtual panoramic tour - also in VR mode - in high resolution we offer you here.

We take you with ...

on a virtual ride over the tracks

Video portrait Thorsten Försterling

The team

  • Dominic Storck

    Staff member of AG Strecke und Erprobung, FH Bielefeld

  • Fabian Kottmeier

    Staff member of the AG Route and Testing, TH OWL