WG Coordination

MONOCAB OWL is supported by:

WG Management

  • B.Sc. Fabian Kottmeier

    iFE - Institute for Energy Research / Institute Future Energy. Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences / OWL

The MONOCAB OWL research project involves complex technical issues and a tight schedule. The main task of the WG Coordination is the technical project coordination in the form of an effective project organization with the goal of achieving the overall project goals within the planned project duration. For this purpose, we have developed a schedule within the first months of the project, which is continuously adjusted with regard to the latest results from the individual working groups. Within the working groups we are working in parallel on different research questions. In particular, the construction of the two MONOCAB demonstrators represents a special challenge in this project. For this purpose, employees and students from different disciplines have been working together in an interdisciplinary manner since Q3 2021. The components and materials required for the assembly are procured, pre-assembled and tested before they are integrated into the vehicles. The extensive technical systems in the vehicle require a complex organization of workflows within the project. Starting with technical constraints and framework conditions regarding interfaces, components used and software deployed, through to assembly sequences and test procedures, this project involves a wide range of tasks for all employees.


  • Steering committee MONOCAB OWL: weekly
  • Overall project meetings: As needed, approximately every 3 months.
  • Project advisory board: about every 6 months

The team

  • Prof. Dr.- Ing. Stefan Witte

    Department of Communication Technology and Vice President for Research and Transfer at TH OWL

  • Thorsten Försterling

    State Railway Lippe / MONOCAB OWL